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Mesquite to Moapa Democrats

We stand for inclusion, diversity, equality, democracy, voter access, economic fairness, preservation of the environment, education, science, human rights, gun safety, legal justice, accessible healthcare, support for our military, our veterans and our first responders, equitable immigration reform, freedom to make choices regarding our own bodies, and foreign relations policies that preserve peace and relieve poverty.

We seek to ensure that anyone, from any walk of life, should have a fair shot at the American Dream.

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President @JoeBiden is making purposeful investments that will help women across the country.

The White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research, led by First Lady Jill Biden, aims to close disproportionate research gaps in the medical field.

NV’s ranchers & cattlemen produce world-class beef.

The Biden Administration’s ill-advised attempt to allow beef imports from Paraguay is wrong & it’ll hurt our state.

I’ll always put Nevada first, which is why I’m joining a bipartisan effort to stop it.



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I wanted to share some important news that could help you or someone you know. Feel free to forward this to others who might benefit from this information. As always, I appreciate hearing from you on many vital issues facing Nevadans and all Americans.In Congress, I have prioritized education – including making college more affordable and accessible to more Nevadans and improving student debt cancellation options for many burdened by the interest rates and monthly payments for excessively long periods. After the Supreme Court struck down President Biden’s attempt to cancel up to $20k in student loan debt for 43 million people, I quickly called for the Biden administration to use all other powers he must get the residents of the 4th Congressional District the relief they need. The President has acted, including canceling $5 billion in loans for teachers, nurses, firefighters, and many other public servants. He recently announced two significant new initiatives I wanted to share with you.The Saving on Valuable Education (SAVE) Plan is another way to reduce monthly loan payments. This plan bases payment amounts on someone’s discretionary income and can set monthly payments as low as $0 per month. It will also ensure that interest doesn’t pile up and increase your debt and that your spouse’s income can’t be used to increase your payment amount.And just this week, President Biden announced a new plan that will provide debt relief to over 30 million borrowers. It will specifically help:those who owe more money than they did at the start of repayment,have been in repayment for 20 years or longer on their undergraduate loans,attended schools that closed or lost accreditation, orare experiencing financial hardship because of their student loansIf you have any questions or need help signing up for the SAVE Plan or other student loan repayment programs, please visit or call my office in Las Vegas at 702-963-9360 to speak with a staff member. I want you to know that improving college affordability while closing the educational gap for all is at the top of my mind. I will continue to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle on ways we can support our students.Also, if you have received relief under any of the recent efforts to provide student loan forgiveness, please share your story with me at .Please stay connected with my office by liking my Facebook page or following me on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube at @RepHorsford. You can also visit my website at to learn more about the issues important to you and sign up to receive periodic e-newsletters.Sincerely,ImageSteven HorsfordMember of Congress See MoreSee Less
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